Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie
Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie
Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie
Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie

Munich City Utilities (SWM) – MVG Operational Center Building Part Q

Stadtwerke München GmbH

Negotiated procedere Top rank

Start of Planning - Completion
2015 - 2020

Performance phases
2 - 9

Planning: Viktoria Plass, Irina Jerdeva, Site management: Fatih Biral, Peter Böhler

Building data
Total cost 31,924,000 €
Gross floor area 10,000 m²

A new construction for accommodation of important operational uses is being built by Munich City Utilities (Stadtwerke München GmbH, SWM) at the Stadtwerkszentrale (SWZ) in Munich. The new Building Part Q will contain a number of vocational training workshops for various technical professions, a central automobile workshop including a truck workshop, the control centre of the Munich transport company Münchner-Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), a portfolio management facility, a computer center, as well as office space for about 100 workplaces.

These very different utilisation areas are housed in a multi-functional five-storey building located on a rectangular building site surrounded by access roads. A rough utilisation plan was established in the context of company-internal preliminary planning as a basis for further planning.

The very specific requirements of the individual usage areas with regard to circulation, technical utilities, work processes, safety etc. constituted a key planning aspect. The multi-functionality had an impact on the façade design, which is split up according to use-specific requirements with regard to function and lighting. This has resulted in a clear and unambiguous differentiation and zoning into open and closed façade areas that balance each other and disclose internal functional relationships to the exterior. The eastern façade is characterised by a large "showcase window" for the control centre and portfolio management, while the ground floor gates indicate the truck workshop. Ribbon windows show the location of the vocational training workshops towards the west, as well as the offices distributed throughout the storeys. The dominating ceramic façade of the existing building is not continued. The change to a white metal façade is intended to express the multi-functionality of the building and form a new urban development focus on the SWM campus.

Long-term economic operation of the entire building is planned, including optimisation of both building and utilisation costs. In order to make optimal use of the existing building legislation, the specified uses are to be supplemented by general office as well as storage and archiving space.