ESV München e.V. – Sports Center

Vivico Real Estate GmbH, München

Start of Planning - Completion
2005 - 2006

Performance phase

Planning: Andreas Mrusek, Susanne Mayer

Building data
Total cost 14,500,000 €
Gross floor area 9,330 m²

The main building of the sports grounds occupying a total area of six hectares encloses one corner of a large outdoor sports field, the other side of which is bordered by railway lines leading to the central station. The longer component of the construction, lined by a generous elevated terrace area, is composed of a singular structure followed by a series of four metallic blocks – like railway carriages behind a locomotive. A glazed corridor with a view of the outside sports areas connects the blocks containing multi-purpose halls, a janitor building and a restaurant with entrance foyer.

The shorter perpendicular component of the main construction contains a large sports hall that is divisible into three parts, as well as changing, fitness and equipment rooms. The sports hall is connected to the foyer and can be used as a venue for 600 visitors. A separate additional long structure containing changing rooms serves and partitions the outdoor sports areas. The metallic façades make reference to the club's tradition as a railway sports club and the adjacent rail tracks.

A design by Raupach Architekten was revised by Fritsch+Tschaidse and developed further in the execution planning phase.