20241st prize
New Campus Canteen Rottenburg am Neckar
20232nd prize
New Construction of Visitor and Operations Building in Wyhlen
htw Campus Alt-Saarbrücken – New Building for Teaching and Research, Building 12
University of Münster – New building Campus Mathematics and Computer Science
New Building for the European Grammar School in Kerpen
20225th prize
Emil von Behring Grammer School, Spardorf
Pharmaceutical Institute (AVZ II) of the University of Bonn
'Hotel Expansion' Eberbach Monastery
Extension School Site Sandinostreet, Berlin
Primary and Special School in Sandelzhausen, Mainburg
20203rd pize
University of Tübingen and Clinical of the University of Tübingen – Teaching and Learning Center
20201st prize
Karlsfeld Grammer School with Quadruple Sports Hall
20193rd prize
Extension District Administration Fürth
University of Rostock Ulmicum – Humanities Library with Seminar Center, Subinstitute and Administration Building
20193rd prize
Conversion and Culture Center Extension Grammer School Dietrich-Bonhoeffer, Wiehl
Primary School with After School Care Center and Sports Hall, Schweinfurt
Grammar School Adorno with Sports Halls and Primary School, Frankfurt am Main
Düsseldorf University Hospital – Innovative and Interdisciplinary Education and Learning Center for Medicine (i2L2med)
20182nd phase
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, LMU Munich
20181st prize
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt am Main
Prison Rottweil Esch
20174th prize
School Center Markt Schwaben
Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Neuherberg
Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg – Research Building Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics Laboratory (ECAP), Erlangen
Schools in the Stone Park, Freising
20162nd prize
kbo-Kinderzentrum Munich – Restructuring, Modernisation and Extension
20162nd prize
Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences – New Buildings WIMAT and TD / Computer Centre
20163rd prize
Grammar School Kirchheim – Extension
20161st prize
Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt – Faculty of Business and Engineering, Schweinfurt
20151st prize
Bayerischer Rundfunk Site Development Munich-Freimann – News Center and Wave House
20151st prize
Bayerischer Rundfunk Site Development Munich Freimann – Service Centre with Car Park
20151st prize
Bayerischer Rundfunk Site Development Munich Freimann – Day Care Centre
20153rd prize
Primary School at Karl-Sittler-Straße – Replacement New Building, Poing
Technical University Regensburg – Relief Building B5 with Cooling Station Management
Main Administration Building of the Kommunaler Versorgungsverband Baden-Württemberg (KVBW), Karlsruhe
20131st prize
University of Bayreuth – Center for Materials Science and Engineering and Center for Energy Technology and Urban Planning
20133rd prize
Concept Planning of Triebwerk-Neuaubing - Building Site 1
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich Veterinary Campus Oberschleißheim – Institute of Microbiology
University Clinic of Würzburg – Comprehensive Heart Failure Centre (DZHI)
20123rd prize
Saxon Hospital Großschweidnitz – Gerontopsychiatric Centre
20125th prize
University of Augsburg – Institute of Materials Resource Management
20123rd prize
Extension of Grammar School Thusneldastraße and Vocational College Deutzer Freiheit, Cologne
Chamber of Crafts Schwaben – Vocational Training and Technology Centre with Administration Building, Augsburg
20111st prize
PPP Project: Secondary School Tegernseer Tal with Triple Sports Hal, Gmund
20111st prize
PPP Project: Grammar School and Specialised Upper Secondary School with Triple Sports Hall, Holzkirchen
20111st prize
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen
20113rd prize
Vocational and Specialised Upper Secondary School for Business, An der Nordhaide, Munich
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Tbilisi
Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences – Center for Integrale Agriculture and Energy Industry, Freising
Sports Hall, Parking Level and Heating Center, Miesbach
20101st prize
Secondary School Poing with Triple Sports Hall
20103rd prize
Protestant-Lutheran Parish St. Lorenz – New Conception of Lorenzer Platz, Nuremberg
20102nd prize
Aghobili Hotel in Abastumani, Georgia
20091st prize
Barbara Eberhard Children's House, Starnberg
Multi-Purpose Hall, Kressbronn on Lake Constance
Grammar School Trudering with Triple Sports Hall, Munich
20092nd prize
Technical University Dresden – Technical Center Nöthnitzer Straße
Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg – Translational Research Center (TRC)
20093rd prize
Vocational Media School, Hamburg
German Consulat General in Yekaterinburg, Russia
20092nd prize
Peace and Security Building of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
20081st prize
Technical University Munich – Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS), Garching
20082nd prize
University Bayreuth – Extension of the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics
University Library on Campus Firmanei, Marburg
Batumi Waterfront Master Plan in Batumi, Georgia
20071st prize
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz
20073rd prize
Arabellastrasse 30 – Offices, Residential and Day Nursery with Underground Parking, Munich
20071st prize
IT Center of the BMW Group, Munich
20071st prize
Project Orient Tbilisi – Residential, Office and Commercial Building, Georgia
20061st prize
PPP Project: Grammar School Kirchseeon with Dual Sports Halll, Kirchseeon
20061st prize
Clinic of Traunstein – Personnel Dormitory
20062nd prize
Dept. of District Hospital Haar – New Construction of Psychiatry, Munich
20031st prize
Primary School Neuried – Extension
20031st prize
Sports Center Am Utzweg, Unterhaching
20031st prize
Ammersee Grammar School with Dual Sports Hall, Dießen
20032nd prize
Sports and Multi-Purpose Hall, Oldenburg
Correctional Facility, Willich
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich – Canteen and Childcare Facility, Martinsried
20033rd prize
Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology, Freiburg
20031st prize
Dual Sports Hall, Wetzlar
20033rd prize
University of Tübingen – Center for Plant Molecular Biology
District of Aichach-Friedberg – Specialised Upper Secondary School
20021st prize
Triple Sports Hall, Vierkirchen
20011st prize
Max Planck Society – Residential House Conversion, Munich
20012nd prize
University Passau – Center for Computing and International Relations
20011st prize
HVB Real Estate Administration Building Theresienhöhe-Süd MK1, Munich
20001st prize
Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and Urban Planning, Tübingen
20003rd prize
Technical University Munich – University and Research Campus, Garching
20003rd prize
Barrier-Free Housing Complex and Nursing Home Alfons Hoffmann, Munich | Version 1: Renovation and Re-Use with Structural Densification
20004th prize
Barrier-Free Housing Complex and Nursing Home Alfons Hoffmann, Munich
Version 2: New Construction
19991st prize
Association for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Bavaria – Administration Building, Munich
19995th prize
Humboldt University of Berlin – Information and Communication Centre Adlershof, Berlin
19991st purchase
Primary School Panzerwiese with After School Care Center and Sports Hall, Munich
19993rd prize
Sports and School Center, Timmendorfer Strand
19981st prize
AWO District Association Hohenmölsen – Nursing Home for the Elderly
19984th prize
Indoor Swimming Pool, Tuttlingen
19983rd prize
University Saarbrücken – Science Park Saar
Nursing Home for the Elderly, Schafstädt
19983rd prize
German School Genua
Comprehensive School, Aachen
19972nd prize
Center for Energy and Technology (ZET), Rendsburg
19974th purchase
Tax and Revenue Office and Police Department, Ilmenau
19962nd prize
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich – Campus Planning, Martinsried
19961st prize
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich – Biocenter, Martinsried
19962nd prize
Comprehensive School, Barsbüttel
Urban Planning Ideas Competion – University of Applied Sciences, Ingolstadt
Urban Planning Ideas Competion – Former Flint Barracks, Bad Tölz
Master Plan Study for Urban Development of Batumi, Georgia
19931st prize
Primary School, After School Care Center, Sports Events Hall and Indoor Swimming Pool, Rosenheim
19933rd prize
Visitor Center Munich Airport
19921st prize
Primary School, Sports Hall and After School Care Centre, Martinsried