BMW BLATT2 gr v2011

IT Center of the BMW Group, Munich

BMW Group, Munich

Planning report Top rank

Planning period
2006 - 2007

Building data
Total cost 98,000,000 €
Gross floor area 51,800,000 m²

As the focus of the BMW Group's IT functions in Munich, the new IT Center for approximately 3,000 employees is designed to increase the efficiency of the IT infrastructure of BMW. The 50,000 square-metre site without a legally binding land-use plan is characterised by heterogeneous utilisation and bordered by commercial and residential buildings as well as a railway line.

Planning required architectural structures that could be realised in several construction stages, while also offering both flexibility and reversibility and allowing user optimisation. Quality requirements such as floor plan flexibility, floor space efficiency, working environment, transparency, value retention, innovation and sustainability became core topics of the concept. An office concept specially developed by the BMW GROUP – iOffice – was included in the planning process in order to fulfil new task structures and communication requirements and ensure dissociation from the workplace with clearly defined zones for team work, retreat, communication, social interaction and services.

Maximum fulfilment of the requirements was achieved by the concept of a 3–4 storey double comb-shaped structure and a central traffic route with jointly used facilities. This modular building structure offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to realisation stages, meets the objectives of economy and equivalence of workplace quality by repetition of modules, and also manages to integrate specific areas such as the restaurant building and entrance hall by means of a circulation system permitting good orientation with diverse sight lines through all the parts of the building. Structural adaptation and changeability became a basis for planning as a prerequisite for future-compliant work processes. The building structure hence reflects a networked working world characterised by vitality, individuality, openness, transparency and an expedient ambience.