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Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie

Stadtwerke München GmbH, SWM (Munich Municipal Utilities) – Vocational Training Center Building Part R

Stadtwerke München GmbH

Negotiated procedure 1st prize

Start of planning - Completion
2019 - 2024

Performance Phases
2 - 8

Planning: Viktoria Plass, Paula García de Salazar, Melanie Kuhn, Site management: Fatih Biral, Peter Böhler, Georg Holl

Building Data
Gross cost group 300+400: 26,400,000 €
Gross floor area 8,762 m2

Main tasks of vocational and further training include initial training of technical and commercial employees of SWM, further training of the company's own employees, and ensuring a sufficient number of qualified employees in a market environment that may prove to be difficult in the future. Vocational and further training are therefore of great importance to SWM. In times of shortage of skilled workers in electrical and metalworking professions, a modern and attractive vocational and further training center is an additional acquisition opportunity to counter demographic change.

A company that relies on employees who can work independently should also provide a framework for independent action. By focusing work on so-called “learning islands”, SWM specifically promotes skills in the areas of self-reliance, communication, cooperation and teamwork. While these key skills cannot be taught by means of front-of-class teaching, their development can be promoted by creating a suitable learning/working environment. Since a learning island work environment has proved to be effective in the vocational and further training center, the aim is to intensify this training style.
In order to achieve this, vocational and further training requires attractively designed teaching rooms that allow implementation of SWM's knowledge transfer concept, as well as providing office work places for administrative staff.

Building Part R is located on the premises of the headquarters of Stadtwerke München GmbH, SWM (Munich Municipal Utilities) – the Stadtwerkszentrale, SWZ (Municipal Utilities Headquarters) – in Emmy-Noether-Straße. In terms of geometry, the vocational training center in the headquarters of SWZ consists of two building blocks: Building Part R and Building Part S (see Projects – Schools). Construction of the new multi-functional Building Part R means that two important operational uses, which are currently still accommodated in external locations, will be centrally located on the grounds of the SWZ: the automotive workshop with the vocational and further training center (Building Part R). The new Building Part S will be linked via a connecting bridge.
The compact rectangular new building with a dimension of approx. 82.00 x 27.00 m has a longitudinal east-west orientation. Five full stories and a basement provide space for offices and teaching rooms, meeting and common rooms, as well as double-story-height truck and car workshops on the ground floor, a wheel and spare parts storage area, washing facility, changing rooms, bicycle cellar and "co-working space".