Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie
Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie
Jens Gehrcken - Visualisierung + Architekturfotografie

Stadtwerkszentrale, SWZ (Municipal Utilities Headquarters) – Vocational Training Centre Building Part S

Stadtwerke München GmbH

Negotiated procedure 1stprize

Start of planning - Completion
2019 - 2024

Performance Phases
2 - 8

Planning: Viktoria Pass, Ramona Smarsly, Stanimir Pantulov, Site management: Fatih Biral, Peter Böhler, Georg Holl

Building Data
Gross Cost group 300+400: 33,000,000 €
Gross floor area 11,554 m²

Project Building Part S is located on the premises of the headquarters of Stadtwerke München GmbH, SWM (Munich Municipal Utilities) – the Stadtwerkszentrale, SWZ (Municipal Utilities Headquarters) – in Emmy-Noether-Straße. In terms of geometry, the SWZ training center consists of two building blocks, Building Part R (see Projects – Schools) and Building Part S, which are joined by a connecting bridge. Building Part S allows the centralization of the main units of SWM in its headquarters (SWZ) to be completed.

In the new building, special emphasis is placed on the functionality of the various workshop facilities. The building offers a high degree of flexibility for changes of use or the accommodation of new vocational training branches in the future (few load-bearing interior walls). Further quality objectives include transparency, brightness, user-friendliness and good orientation. The facades fit well into the heterogeneous environment of the operating center and give the building a modern appearance. The building is flooded with light due to a high proportion of glass and the functions of the workshops are visible from the outside.