Ammerseegymnasium in Diessen am Ammersee
Ammerseegymnasium in Diessen am Ammersee
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Ammerseegymnasium in Diessen am Ammersee
Ammerseegymnasium in Diessen am Ammersee
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Ammersee Grammar School with Dual Sports Hall, Dießen

Landratsamt Landsberg am Lech

Competition 1st prize

Start of Planning - Completion
2003 - 2006

Performance phases
2 - 9

Planning: Cordula Richter, Fee Groß-Blotekamp, Antoine Callet-Molin, Site management: Andreas Ullrich, Markus Dunau

Building data
Total cost 21,600,000 €
Gross floor area 11,470 m²

The Grammar School is equipped with a canteen and a sports hall that can be divided into two sections. The school offers four classes per year group and is located on the outskirts of Dießen at the edge of the Ammersee (Lake Ammer). The attractive lakeside location suggested the development of a special design concept: a "School at a Landing Stage". As a metaphorical representation of the connection between land and water, the landing stage became a functional element in the outer and inner circulation design of the school.

The image of the school buildings moored at a landing stage like ships is further enhanced by the comb structure of the school complex, reflecting the typical shape of a landing stage for sailing boats. Broader sections of the "landing stage" form an "entrance deck" in front of the sports hall and a "lake view panorama deck" with a library and study area for students.

The long, rectangular two-storey structure containing classrooms closes off the heterogeneous outskirts of the town architecturally, while the side wings accommodating specialised teaching areas interlock with the landscape. In this way, a mediation between nature and the buildings at the edge of the town is achieved by the comb-shaped design of the complex. This is supported by a green space design that uses trees in groups and linear arrangements as boundaries and connections to the surrounding area.

Imagery reminiscent of ships and landing stages is also evident in the façade design and material selection: the "landing stage" and corridors featuring wood, the façade using white metal plate panels and glass elements, and continuous deck-like escape balconies with railings clad in white. The school thereby engages in a dialogue with the Ammersee steam liners mooring at the landing stages around the lake.