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Barbara Eberhard Children's House, Starnberg

Lebenshilfe Starnberg gGmbH

Competition 1st prize

Start of Planning - Completion
2009 - 2012

Performance phases
2 - 9

Planning: Tobias Hübner, Andreas Mrusek, Site management: Andreas Ullrich

Building data
Total cost 2,800,000 €
Gross floor area 1,915 m²

The integrative facility is based on the idea of letting children with developmental delays and behavioural issues play and learn with others in regular groups. The Children's House offers many opportunities for cooperation and joint projects involving one regular kindergarten group, two regular day care groups, and three special day care groups.

Individual blocks are arranged in the shape of a single house accommodating the six groups. Located at the edge of the forest on the outskirts of Starnberg, the clear, geometric shape of the building stands out like a sculpture integrated in the meadow landscape. Two L-shaped building components enclose a "patio" in the "centre" of the house. This sheltered courtyard extends the architectural space programme and permits daylight to enter the entrance foyer and surrounding corridors also used as "playgrounds" by the children, and offers an overview of the Children's House without any dark hidden areas that could cause anxiety.

The rooms are grouped around this courtyard. An open staircase leads from the ground floor – accommodating day care rooms, a multi-purpose room and staff rooms – to the kindergarten children's area on the upper floor. A shared playing corridor connects the rooms of the therapeutic pedagogical day care facility with the kindergarten group space, and offers retreats in seating alcoves and window sills.

The Children's House is like a little town for children, giving them plenty of opportunities to move and incorporating diverse spatial relationships. It is a house that can be explored by children in their play, arousing curiosity and offering a variety of different spaces with lots of wood and colourful floors. The friendly and stimulating interior is continued with a natural wood slat façade and yellow striped sun blinds outside.