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Grammar School and Specialised Upper Secondary School with Tripke Sports Hall, Holzkirchen

Landratsamt Miesbach / SKE Facility Management GmbH, Mannheim

PPP Project

Start of Planning - Completion
2012 - 2014

Performance phases
2 - 5

Planning: Anders Mrusek, Silke Koller, Barbara Dünstl, Corinna Huber, Kurt Bauer, Peter Schweiger

Building data
Total cost 38,100,000 €
Gross floor area 23,519 m²

Located at the edge of Holzkirchen, a town to the south of Munich, a structural ensemble composed of an upper secondary school (FOS) specialised in business and social studies, a grammar school and a sports hall divisible into three parts is surrounded by open spaces, outdoor sports areas and parking facilities. The large structures of the school campus are integrated between a heterogeneous, small-scale development at the outskirts of the town and agriculturally used land.

The three buildings and a central connecting assembly hall are arranged around a small, sunken open yard, while the two schools are structurally independent with own entrances.

The assembly hall connecting the two entrance halls and movable dividing walls allow the spaces to be used for joint or separate events, without one school disturbing the other. These hall-like entrance foyers with open stairs offer generous communication zones and work and study areas on several levels. Forming the spatial centre for each school, they also provide access to the classroom corridors running around green inner courtyards.

Placement of the school canteen next to the sports hall is intended to give students a space to retreat, away from the teaching and study areas. It is also used for catering purposes by various clubs during sports events.

An overall open and inviting architecture presents itself to the residential area. Integration in the rural environment is facilitated by a uniform design with typical locally used materials, such as wood for façades, metal sheeting for pitched roofs and greening for flat roofs. Inside, the schools and sports hall are differentiated by means of individual colour schemes.