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Ludwig Maximilians University Munich – Auditorium Wing Oettingenstraße

Freistaat Bayern, vertreten durch das Staatliche Bauamt München 2

Negotiated procedere Top rank

Start of Planning - Completion
2009 - 2011

Performance phases
2 - 8

Planning: Kurt Bauer, Irina Jerked, Site management: Andreas Ullrich, Bernd Hilgers

Building Data
Total cost 8,100,000 €
Gross floor area 5,232 m²

The new auditorium building of the Ludwig Maximilians University occupies one of the courtyards of the comb-shaped, two-storey structure on the grounds of the former "Hofgärtnerei" (Court Plant Nursery) located at the eastern edge of the "Englischer Garten" (English Garden). The new construction measure encompasses two lecture theatres located on top of each other and two extensions for offices space.

On the one hand, the close proximity of the self-contained solitary building to the existing structures and its moderate height allows it to blend harmoniously in the U-shaped courtyard. On the other hand, the glass foyer roof and the two glazed side entrances differentiate the new construction from the existing building fabric visually. They allow daylight to enter the new foyer area of the large ground floor lecture theatre, as well as the smaller lecture theatre located below via an open foyer staircase. Slit-like window openings in the staggered structure direct natural light into the lecture theatres and allow views of the trees outside.

An irregular arrangement of pastel-coloured, variously shaped, glass façade panels covers the exterior of the auditorium wing. These reflect the green of the surroundings, making the construction appear to be light and unobtrusive – in the dialogue with the older buildings, yet independent.