Fassade Nord im Dämmerlicht
Garten im Dämmerlicht
Blick vom Innenraum in Garten
Wohnhaus in MünchenFotos vom 26.05.2004Architekten Fritsch + Tschaidse

Max Planck Society – Residential House Conversion, Munich

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V., Munich

Competition 1st prize

Start of Planning - Completion

Performance phases
1 - 9

Planning : Kai Otto, Site management: Norbert Schöfer

Building data
Total cost 1,400,000 €
Gross floor area 420 m²

The former residence of the physicist Werner Heisenberg, built in the 1960s, required renovation. This was achieved by means of a limited number of architectural interventions, so that the shape of the single-storey, flat-roofed building and the qualities of the original ground plan were essentially retained.

The desired separation between representative and private areas was realised by adapting the layout: the entrance hall and fireplace room together with the living and dining areas constitute a central semi-public space, generously opening up towards the terrace and enclosed garden area.

A subtle accentuation of the representative character of the central area was brought about by raising the roof, which lies above an all-round strip of glazing. The private area was separated and provided with an own entrance.

Thermal protection improvement measures were implemented in conjunction with redesign of the floor plan. The overall architectural image and new character of the façade are primarily determined by exterior cladding with Roman travertine panels and room-height window elements featuring oak.

Following the tradition of the architecture of the neighbouring buildings designed by Sepp Ruf, the objective was to achieve an independent design using few materials and simple structural shapes, while at the same time maintaining the qualities of the existing building fabric.