Sporthalle Vierkirchen
Sporthalle Vierkirchen
Sporthalle Vierkirchen
Sporthalle Vierkirchen
Sporthalle Vierkirchen
Sporthalle Vierkirchen

Triple Sports Hall, Vierkirchen

Gemeinde Vierkirchen

Competition 1st prize

Start of Planning - Completion
2002 - 2004

Performance phases
1 - 9

Planning: Birger Bhandary, Susanne Mayer, Site management: Andreas Ullrich

Building data
Total cost 4,800,000 €
Gross floor area 2,949 m²

The sports hall is situated in the hilly landscape on the outskirts of the town of Vierkirchen. It is divisible into three parts and is equipped with a stage and spectator stands. The simple barn-like shape is a response to the softly undulating rural surroundings, while the organisation and circulation system of the venue primarily intended for sports events is dictated by a sloping topography. Active sports enthusiasts and up to 240 spectators can access the hall from the higher up road via a forecourt and a large foyer with tiered spectator seating and restaurant areas. The changing rooms and sports hall, which are partly built into the hillside, are located below, so that the playing fields are on the same level as the adjacent meadow landscape. The elevated tiered spectator seating offers an outdoor feeling, created by a floor-to-ceiling glass façade and the way that the shape of the building opens up to the countryside.

A series of 35-meter-long triangular steel trusses form a pitched roof, designed as a cold roof construction favourable for pleasant indoor climate conditions.

The hall contains a stage on one side and large barn-like sliding doors allow the rear wall of the stage to be opened for outdoor events. The colours of the surrounding nature are reflected by the multilayer structure of the east and west façades made up of yellow varnished wood panels behind transparent plastic cladding. Depending on the light, the opaque façade elements allow the structural components to shine through, giving the façade depth as well as lightness.