Cooperation Facility Leschkircher Straße, Munich

Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Bildung und Sport, Baureferat Hochau (Project management)

Start of Planning - Completion
1998 - 2005

Performance phases
2 - 9

Planning: Kai Otto, Tobias Hübner, Site management: Andreas Ullrich, Hans Reder

Building Data
Total cost 2,200,000 €
Gross floor area 891 m²

The child care facility in Munich-Trudering consists of a kindergarten and a child day care centre, each with two groups, and shared service and staff areas.

The new construction has a square footprint and is composed of three "playing blocks" arranged into a big house for children. Two of the "playing blocks" house group rooms, while a third, more elongated one contains kitchen, utility and staff rooms. Jointly used areas, including entrance hall, intensive play areas, terrace and balcony, are located between these structures. The fact that the plot was very small and the demand for a generous outside playing area led to a two-storey design. The child day care centre group rooms are accommodated on the ground floor, while the kindergarten group rooms are upstairs. All the group rooms face south and are linked via a terrace and a balcony.

Suitability for children governed the choices made with regard to interior design, material selection, façade construction and window positioning. The wooden cladding of the façade evolved from the playing block idea. Colour transitions from yellow to blue indicate the changing colour and light atmospheres during a day. Blue linoleum floors connect the "blocks" and mark the areas designated for common play. The wood-finished staircase offers seating and balustrade windows for the children to incorporate in their activities. A large round skylight symbolises the sun and the play of shadow and light produced on the walls reflects the daily course of the sun.