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Secondary School Poing with Triple Sports Hall

Landratsamt Ebersberg / SKE Facility Management GmbH, Mannheim

PPP Project

Start of Planning - Completion
2010 - 2012

Performance phases
1 - 5

Planning: Silke Koller, Barbara Dünstl, Kurt Bauer

Building data
Total cost 21,500,000 €
Gross floor area 15,250 m²

Together with two already existing schools, the new secondary school plus sports hall divisible into three sections, forms an open and inviting urban development ensemble.

Specifications of a land-use plan dictated the shape and proportion of the building, while the positioning on the plot had to comply with spacing requirements. One side of the longitudinal school structure is oriented towards a forecourt and main entrance, the other towards the sports hall.

A large, open and bright entrance foyer leads directly to a multi-storey assembly area, which forms the centre of the school and serves as a venue for events. Flexible walls divide or expand the space as required, making it suitable for a variety of uses. Broad, tribune-like stairs lead from a central atrium with seating spaces to the general and specialised teaching on the upper floors.

Classrooms are accessed through open gallery corridors and visually connected to the assembly area. Views across all the floors make the school an interesting and communicative place during breaks and school events. The tribune has become a popular location in the school, ideal for students to meet, talk, or do laptop work. Mobility is a fundamental feature of the school. Teacher`s desks and tables have wheels and students are also mobile: rather than staying in a particular classroom, they go to rooms designated for specific subjects, keeping them on the move between classes. Apart from fulfilling its primary function as a place of learning, the school also aims to offer a favourable environment for students and teachers to spend time in. This pedagogical concept is reflected by its internal structure.

The building for 620 students was built according to passive house standard, with a ventilation system and 1,500 photovoltaic modules on the roof.