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Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Rosenheim

Stadt Rosenheim

Competition 1st prize

Planning - Completion
1998 - 2000

Performance phases
1 - 9

Planning: Susanne Mayer, Site management: Andreas Ullrich

Building data
Total cost 7,000,000 €
Total usable floor area 2,633 m²

The ball sports hall was built during the second phase of construction of a competition held in 1993 for the development of an area called the "Flötzinger Wiese". The sports hall is located opposite to a primary school, which was created in the course of the first construction phase. A green park-like space lies between the structures. As in the primary school, the entrance forecourt acts as an urban joint and transition element to the heterogeneous residential area, bordering in the west. The sports hall is used by both local schools and sports clubs. It meets international standards and is suitable for events attended by up to 2,000 spectators.

In spite of a high water table, the lower half of the sports hall is below ground level, and its design is particularly compact. This facilitates the integration of the large structure of the sports hall – divisible into three parts and with tiered spectator seating – in the surrounding urban landscape composed of smaller units and in the adjoining park-like space, while also permitting an economical realisation of the extensive spatial and technical requirements.

The influence of specifications limiting scale and proportion also extends to the construction of the roof support structure: only the triangular skylights of the roof with a span width of 37 metres are visible from the outside. Inside, three-metre-high triangular steel truss girders bearing a unilaterally supported gallows construction, rest above the spectator area to reduce span width and girder height. Glazing along one exterior wall allows natural illumination from above. Fair-faced concrete, larch wood cladding and glass make up the façade of the sports hall, echoing the material and detail design of the primary school opposite. A uniform design concept for all the buildings located in the park is developed in this way.